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Why IHS?

"I was particularly impressed by the company's representatives prompt attention in the provision of coverage information and solutions when requested. They were very attentive to the needs and limitations of my parents as older citizens. They provided transportation and secondary care resource personnel to and from hospitals/doctors’ offices.

I recommend IHS Medical insurance coverage to everyone who lives or has family in Nigeria and wants to ensure they have access to effective and efficient medical care."

Denise Odetoyinbo

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Our Network

Blue Ivy Medical Centre

Abuja, NG

First Rivers Hospital

Rivers, NG

MeCure Healthcare

Lagos, NG

St. Catherine's Specialist Hospital

Rivers, NG

Cedar Crest Hospitals

Abuja, NG

George's Memorial Medical Centre

Lagos, NG

Medicaid Radiology

Abuja, NG

St. Joseph Medical Centre

Lagos, NG

Eko Hospitals

Lagos, NG

Lagoon Hospitals

Lagos, NG

Mercy Hospitals

Missouri, USA

St. Luke's Healthcare System

Kansas City, USA

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